The Tidbit

Food as Medicine: Healing Our Planet through Thoughtful Agriculture & Sustainable Supply Chains

Episode Summary

On our last episode we talked about food as medicine — for the body. I want to explore this idea of food as medicine... but for the planet. I'm perhaps making up this metaphor but with impending climate catastrophe we really need to take a hard look at our supply chains and how we can produce food for the health of this planet. We've gotten ourselves into this highly productive and efficient global supply chain - but at what cost? Today we discuss thoughtful agriculture practices and sustainable supply chains with Jill from Vitick's Switchel and MK from Open Book Farm. Jill's purpose in starting Vitick’s Switchel is to help support local farmers, the stewards of our land for the quality of nutrient rich food they grow and soil they tend to. MK's mission as farmers is to create the healthiest conditions for their livestock and plants, in order to produce nutrient-dense, delicious food for their community.