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Small Batch to Big Time: Building Valuable Relationships = Your Ability to Weather the Storm

Episode Summary

Building a business is a lot like dating. It’s also pretty much the same as maintaining any relationship in your life - with friends, with family, with intimate partners. How are we showing up? How are we maintaining respect and being mindful of one’s time and boundaries? What about just small touches of care and comfort? These are all important - not just in your personal life, but also professional. In fact, it could be the make or break for even staying in business! Everyone messes up. But those who approach a situation with humility, who have built that trust overtime, will fair the storm much easier. We're joined on this episode by Cureate's very own Director of Connection, Kathleen Overman. Tune in to learn more about her journey and tips on how to build more meaningful relationships. Powered and distributed by Simplecast.