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Wired This Way Author Jessica Carson on Living with Complexity, Light and Darkness

Episode Summary

What is this duality? The duality of grief, and also seeing the silver lining. How can one hold that two-sides of the same coin feeling?It’s something I feel so deeply and wonder: is it a trait I was born with or a skill I have cultivated? Does this have anything to do with me being an entrepreneur and running my business for nearly 6 years? Perhaps I’ve built this skill set of duality, of living in and with uncertainty. We explore living with complexity on this episode featuring Jessica Carson. She is currently Georgetown University’s first Expert in Residence and the Director of Innovation at the American Psychological Association. Previously, she held positions at a startup and venture firm, and was a Research Fellow at the National Institutes of Health. With a background in psychology, neuroscience, startups, venture capital, and mindfulness, she has both a scientific and embodied understanding of the unique wiring of entrepreneurial spirits, and empowers them to develop their capacity for self-study. Jessica lives in Washington, D.C. with her cat, Cleopatra. Powered and distributed by Simplecast.